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    The simplest upgrade to your ensemble - A watch

    The simplest upgrade to your ensemble - A watch

    The simplest upgrade to your ensemble - A watch

    Watches were invented for their functionality way before they became mainstream as a fashion accessory. The origin dates back to the time when the watches were used by the military. But today these have become a trendsetter for people of all age groups. We at Swiza, offer you exquisite from our watch collection.

    A watch is an immediate attention grabber and it solidifies your personality from a distance. Also, watches aren’t merely utilitarian but are symbolic of your personality. Our collection of watches impeccably mirrors your personality. We are driven by perfection and our collection features stupendously designed watches that cross past the luxury and let you enter the world of grandiose. Swiza has sophisticated watches in its gamut for the cosmopolitan men & women. We provide a fabulous range of precision namely Kretos, Alza, Magnus and Magnus GMT in our collection. Our uniqueness is reflected from the modish designs in our watch collection. For instance, special double turn strap among the Nordik line of watches are exemplary of our craftsmanship and one of its own kind to make anyone swoon over.

    We offer you the watches which assist you to develop a special relationship with the time in a way that is unachievable by your smartphone. These remind you of the times when your parents gifted you your first ever watch or when you constantly stared at your watch twiddling thumbs, waiting for that school bell to ring and rush to play with your friends. The portability of the watches has aided to provide a constant time companion for the energetic and enthusiastic men and women. Besides, if you are one of those gadget freaks in constant forage, you will definitely find the digital watches in our collection appealing. You can combine these watches in your quirky ensemble and plunge inquisitively into the escapade of understanding the mechanics of the digital watch world.

    Swiza offers watches which are crafted with luxurious elegance and a supreme design technology because we know that no matter where you are and what you do; our watches will be the time guides that create a real fashion statement. Whether trying out bold coloured watches or just adhering to simplistic designs & sombre colours, these watches undoubtedly inspire inner worth. Now you too can stand out from the rest out of the world by adorning yourself with our polished watches and gain a self-assured demeanour. So get your hands on the watches from Swiza online store and become a trendsetter.

    Why gifting luggage may be the best idea this festive season?

    Why gifting luggage may be the best idea this festive season?


    The festive season opens doors to the wedding season and it's always a challenge to find the best gift. But with Swiza, you find a perfect gift that work for all the festivties, the travelling and the wedding! We offer you our unparalleled range of luggage bags which can be gifted to your dear ones on this special occasion of their lives.

    Wedding is the perfect occasion for the exchange of gifts between the families. Luggage bag is a unique gift and is bound to delight anyone receiving it especially a newlywed couple. Swiza collection has versatile lightweight and sturdy luggage bags where your entire assortment of gifts finds a secure enclosure. So, the honeymooners can pack their finest clothing from their wardrobe in these capacious luggage bags and leave behind their woes of packing and unpacking all their belongings during the vacation.

    Our bags serve high utility value as well as offer you the ultra-modern appearance while travelling. Swiza astonishes you with the extended line of luggage bags to suit your multiple needs. The sophisticated multi-purpose wheeled trolley bags are designed for the classy people who frequently hop across destinations for business meetings. These are spacious enough to accommodate your documents, electronic gadgets and clothes for shorter trips.

    Swiza’s luggage bags are scratch-resistant that are marvellously designed for high durability and portability. With our fortified luggage bags offerings, we undeniably assure you that you can rock and spin your luggage leisurely sans any damage to your paraphernalia and ensure a hassle free commute. The wet and dirt repellent lining safeguards against the pollution while the ergonomically designed handle ensures convenient & smooth gliding of the bags. Either carrying your luggage along the rough trails of the street or rushing on the impeccably mopped floors inside the airport to avoid missing your flight, our luggage bags will efficiently sail through.

    One cannot overlook the great value for money these bags offer owing to their unquestionable quality and brilliant craftsmanship. So, this wedding season make certain that your gift becomes a reminiscent of an exalted travel experience when your dear ones travel with the high class luxury luggage bags by Swiza.

    What is a swiss knife? A brief history on the evolution of this amazing tool!

    What is a swiss knife? A brief history on the evolution of this amazing tool!

    Whenever somebody mentions SWISS, what comes to your mind? Don’t you love them for the absolutely scrumptious swiss chocolates, hot chocolate, the pristine Swiss Alps, and the picturesque towns? Besides delectable chocolates, cheese, classic watches, and exquisite-smelling perfumes, the other classic is the Swiss knife. Originally the Germans named the knives as offiziersmessers.

    The knife has an array of well-fit components in a gadget (tool-kit) such as blade, opener, and screwdriver. These are placed on the sides of the knife’s body. This works on a pivot-point mechanism. The knife comes handy with a number of purposes. From functioning as a toothpick, can & bottle opener, tweezer, screwdriver, nail cleaner to a tiny magnifying glass. Swiss knives being an impressive piece of art in the recent times have come with multi-purpose need to use them as a ballpoint pen, flashlight, USB drives, and thermometer too.

    The Origin of Swiss Knives

    The first swiss knife ever made was Modell 1890, outsourced in Germany across 300-odd miles from the Swiss border. The purpose came to light with the Swiss military army requiring compact and foldable knives. Every soldier was informed to keep a single-blade holding knife with them at any point in time.  Initially, they were made to deal with the purpose of using as the openers for canned food containers and deconstructing a rifle.

    The rise in popularity

    At that time, not many would have guessed the popularity of Swiss knives to go skyrocketing. Later it became popular among the hunters, sportsmen and regular campers. The value of the knives leaped off-shore as well. James.W. Kennedy was quoted as saying, “You can do just about anything with these knives”. Some of them who used the knives were able to remember them as wonderful memorabilia which were given to them when they were young. The most popular among the swiss knife models is Classic - used as a blade, toothpick, nail file and screwdriver. The Swiss knives were popular among the American men during World War ll and they even tried to get it from their enemy counterparts. A swiss knife has a unique expression as helped identified by the flag of Switzerland on its handle.

    Are you considering buying a Swiss Knife?

    No matter wherever you are, a swiss knife has an incredible usage potential to consider buying. The main factors you should look into account while buying the knife are tool choice, size, and price. It is always better to go with the knife that matches your lifestyle and need or priorities. A basic swiss knife tool in itself holds a variety of purposes which you could choose from.

    We recommend using the exclusive, advanced swiss knives from Swiza where the functionality meets your style. These are pocket-friendly and come in Black, Orange, Khaki, Red, White and Yellow colors. Make it your everyday compact tool. If you are an adventurous soul by heart and mind, this could be your ultimate pick.

    Know more about the Swiss Knife collection we have,

    Here: https://bit.ly/2PE5Cit

    Your first Swiss watch. Why should it be from Swiza?

    Your first Swiss watch. Why should it be from Swiza?

    Everyone always yearns to own a Swiss made watch, at least once in their life but, most people don’t end up getting them due to a range of reasons and the most common one being the lack of knowledge on what Swiss Quartz is! But if you’re looking to buy a genuine Swiss made watch as a gift or for yourself, make it a Swiza!

    Swiza is a Swiss brand that makes premium quality wrist watches for men and women. All of our watches are crafted to perfection with high-quality materials and are priced smartly, hence they do not burn a hole in your pockets too!

    Prior to buying a Swiss watch, it is necessary to understand why and what makes a Swiss watch such a precious possession. The following blog intends to reflect light on the reasons why you must definitely own a Swiss watch and especially one made by Swiza.

    Swiza watches are generally popular for their intricate make, delicate definitions, classy and sophisticated appearance. All of which is selectively imbibed in every watch made at Swiza.

    For the Best

    Swiza watches are crafted with top quality materials such as genuine calf leather, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, etc that begets these watches to be of premium quality that emit stylish and sophisticated vibes at all times. Each watch is designed keeping the business-going people in mind. Every Swiza wrist watch has been built with great precision, with extensive attention to each and every detail of the watch. According to the makers of Swiza, our clientele generally belongs to a niche crowd and has great standards in their choices, thus Swiza watches are specifically designed to impress those who settle for nothing but the best! All the features of these wrist watches vary from one watch to another, but they all promise to deliver style, functionality, and sophistication at all times.

    Your First Choice

    There’s no denying that there are plenty of brands that claim to be Swiss made, but are they really? Swiza's top of the line craftsmanship, genuine Swiss Quartz make it the absolute real deal! The watches are classy, simple, utilitarian and trendy at the same time, making it the safest bet for you to make when purchasing your first Swiss watch! Every design is a collectible classic, each feature os befitting your personality and every product is priced sensibly to make your first experience of a Swiss watch, an absolutely wonderful one experience.


    For Swiza, every wrist watch is an opportunity to become a part of your daily life. Our aim is to make owning your first Swiss made watch a fantastic experience, where you understand and relate to the brilliance and craftsmanship of a Swiss watch. Every wristwatch built here is crafted to perfection over the last century so that you buy nothing short of the best and with a Swiza  and are sure to become a bona fide customer of ours!

    Traveling in style: A mix of style and comfort are an absolute must.

    Traveling in style: A mix of style and comfort are an absolute must.

    Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, the one thing you have to keep in mind is comfort. But in a world that’s constantly documenting everything in forms of selfies, videos and instagram updates, keeping your style game on point is imperative. Swiza’s cool and suave collection of luggage and backpacks are made just so that you can live out your best travel styles without breaking a sweat.


    Airport looks are often considered incomplete without a comfy jacket, but the truth is - a backpack is what completes your ‘uber cool’ traveller look. A rugged looking backpack is a must have for any seasoned traveller who knows that transits, immigration lines require you to have that one bag to put all your belongings. The hasslefree appeal of the backpack is really unmatched.

    Swiza’s range of backpacks have a little something for everyone. From business travellers to those thrill seeking travellers, a range of Swiza backpacks like Aulus or the more formal looking Dux are perfect to carry your everyday essentials. The sleek design of the Lucia and the pop of colour with the Bertus make for an exciting addition to your travel collection.

    When you’re packing for travel, it doesn’t matter how big your backpack is, but about how smartly you pack, with several dedicated compartments for your laptop, your travel accessories, documents you can know exactly where to reach for when you need something. Comfort while travelling is absolutely necessary and even the slightest discomfort can ruin the entire trip.

    But that’s not all, Swiza’s range of luggage includes the absolutely gorgeous most drool worthy suitcases. The Justus collection by Swiza comes in 2 stunning colours, the plush Red or the Matte Black are both simple but elegant. The scratch resistant surface and the soft inner lining ensure that your valuables stay safe no matter how bumpy the ride. Available in 3 sizes, it meets your travel requirements no matter where you want to go and for how long.

    Soft luggage, suitcases and an exciting range of backpacks, Swiza has you covered for all your travel needs. The spectacular quality of Swiss construction shines through in every product from Swiza which is why you should pick a classic piece from swizaindia.com!