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    Swiza's Latest Updates

    Feminine and exciting: Why Tetis is a great watch for women

    Feminine and exciting: Why Tetis is a great watch for women

    What comes to your mind when you think of a ladies’ wristwatch? Something delicate-looking is what you might think of but with Swiza, you are sure to break the stereotype! With women reaching new heights with each passing day, their personalities have evolved and gotten stronger, more vibrant yet being feminine. That’s exactly the essence which Swiza watches exude! The Tetis Lady is a range of woman’s wrist watch that offers you ultimate style, elegance, femininity yet keeping it trendy and exciting! We understand that today’s working woman no longer fear flaunting bold and bright colors at their work, they no longer go for dull and minimalistic accessories anymore, instead are often interested in flaunting a statement jewelry or accessory.

    The Tetis Lady

    The Tetis Lady wrist watches are designed in a way that suits the modern working women at the same time serves the purpose of showing time! No matter how much the times have changed, it cannot take away the style and habit off of people who enjoy wearing wrist watches! This watch is crafted in a way that it matches your feminine personality yet offer you a bold and strong vibe. It’s a watch that you are likely to swear by, once you own one.

    Style & Variety

    As carefully as nature has crafted you, we have taken tremendous care and precision to bring to you this piece of accessory that you are to fall in love with! The Tetis Lady wrist watch comes in three colors to suit your style, personality and overall vibe. It is available in the colors black, pink and white which enables you to choose the color that fits your preferences.

     The Tetis Lady wrist watch is built with a 35mm stainless steel case that features a counter-clockwise rotating time bezel which comes with a super-luminous marker around a sapphire crystal making it exceptionally beautiful. What makes it trendy and exciting is the lightweight silicone straps attaches that don’t just add a pop of color to your overall outfit but add tons of vibrancy in your overall appearance making you stand out in the crowd!

    Made to Last

    Swiza takes immense pleasure to offer our customers the most beautiful, elegant and durable products which are why all the Thetis wrist watches are water resistant upto a pressure of 20 bar! The materials used to make the watches are of premium quality and hence, the durability and longevity of every watch manufactured at Swiza is exceptional.

    At Swiza, we want to offer all the ladies who work hard all day at their respective jobs a chance to look the part, thus these watches are crafted to take your breath away! We understand how much efforts you put in whatever you do and that’s exactly why our watches are made with great precision to make you look and feel like the boss that you are!

    Backpacks are an urban essential

    Backpacks are an urban essential

    Times have changed now when it comes to travelling and the nuances related to it. Travelling has become rampant, compact and extremely seamless, thus travelling equipment and luggage have also changed in leaps and bounds. Travelling has become an essential part of everyone’s life and people no longer want to travel with extravagant numbers of suitcases, briefcases or trolley bags. To support this requirement of the daily commute or frequent traveling, the luggage industry has transformed their ways as well.

    It is now a very common sight to spot people with their backpacks and no, not just college students anymore! Backpacks have become a boon in the working class society as it offers tremendous advantages to everyone who requires a bag to keep their laptop, personal belongings and other essential items while they are on the go.

    Its appeal
    Backpacks allow you to travel with them every day as they are generally very compact and stylish in appearance. They are available in different colors, textures, patterns and shapes which is perfect for this generation’s audience. It is designed to fulfill your main purpose which is to carry your gadgets such as phone, speaker and laptops yet allowing you to stay stylish and trendy. Swiza has a great range of backpacks that come in a set of colors to choose from and are sure to appeal to everyone who prefers carrying a lightweight backpack for regular purposes.

    Manifold Purposes

    Backpacks help in far more than just carrying your belongings but it also doubles up as a travel partner! They are convenient, waterproof and lightweight and you can pack your clothes and hit the road without having to worry about packing a suitcase or folding all your clothes perfectly inside a heavy luggage. The backpacks allow you to stay hands-free and enjoy whatever that you have set out to do without having to bear the burden on your shoulders or even have the plight of strolling around a heavy suitcase from place to place! With a Swiza backpack, you are sure to experience a seamless and lightweight travel affair. It allows you to distribute the weight effectively on your back to reduce the burden on one of your shoulders and lets you have more important things to carry in your hands instead.

    The Switch

    People have now let go off their briefcases, sling bags, trolley bags, etc and have incorporated backpacks into their lives especially for work-life purposes. The reason is very simple- it is compact and lightweight. Since work warrants regular commute and moving around for most working class people, it is very important to have a bag that serves the purposes without having to pay exorbitant amounts, not take up a lot of space yet have the main purpose served. Swiza office backpacks are made keeping the finest details in mind and thus, offers you a premium experience of a seamless and stylish experience at all times. These backpacks are spacious, durable and extremely stylish that suit a wide range of audience.

    Smart Travel Option

    Backpacks such as the Bertus by Swiza is a great example of a bag that serves multiple purposes. You can carry it to work every day as it has enough durability to carry your laptop and other belongings and can also be trendy and stylish enough to take along for a short trip.  The backpack is designed keeping in mind today’s travellers who like to stay in fashion yet want the most from their luggage, so we made sure to let you enjoy a spacious bag where you can categorise and place all your belongings where you can find them easily and have the most stress-free experience.

    Overall, backpacks are no longer presumed to be a travel luggage but has been accepted and used as a regular requirement these days. The versatility of these bags go beyond just their appearance and designs but serve everyone with their multifunctional facets that make backpacks the perfect baggage to match both your work as well as your adventurous lifestyle.

    One classic watch is all you really need

    One classic watch is all you really need

    How many styles do you sport in a day? The workday casual for the business meeting, sporty for the biker gang meet, evening wear for the dinner date. Every look has its own finer nuances and fashion detail, ensuring your accessories fit well with them is very essential to make your outfit work. Be it a vest, a bow-tie, pocket-square or a shawl, your accessories highlight your outfit, but an accessory that works well with every attire that you choose to don is the classic watch. The charm of classic watches never fade, especially the ones from Swiza. Case in point, the Kretos Gent stainless steel classic watch.

    The Swiss-made precision chronograph delights the senses with its superb stainless steel case that comes adorned with a sapphire coated crystal. The flowing Arabic numbers provide a soft luminance to present time the way watchmakers of yore envisioned them, with a touch of sophistication. The simple dial with the addition of the clear-cut numbers increases visibility and readability function, making it the right choice for everyday wear.  

    Be it while golfing with your business partner or serenading your lady at a friend’s party, the perfect outfit will need the perfect timepiece and the sapphire blue dial Kretos Gent integrates into your life with ease. Whether it is a tuxedo or a t-shirt, the classic Kretos Gent makes a powerful impression with every outfit. With a case that seamlessly integrates with the matching stainless steel bracelet, the Kretos Gent watch makes for a comfortable wear.

    Buy Swiza Kretos Gent here

    The best timepieces are the ones which offer simplicity but with a hint of finesse. Classic watches are the best instances of this very feature. Creating a dramatic effect that holds every observer in its thrall, the Kretos Gent helps uplift the quality of your clothes to a whole to level. Another quality of the stainless steel strap is that you can colour-coordinate it with every outfit irrespective of its hue.

    As a man out to conquer the world, your wardrobe should reflect your attitude and your impeccable vision. With a classic watch like the Kretos Gent on your wrist, your style gets that extra dose of refinement to elevate your look and fashion.

    It's All About Staying Trendy

    It's All About Staying Trendy

    Space, for Star Trek fans, might be the final frontier but for every professional woman out there, it is an important need. Most laptop bags are either worn on the shoulder or are sleeves that do not provide the luxury of space. Though the shoulder laptop bags are highly functional, they do not fit in well with the semi-formal attire that is preferred by most working women. It is quite usual for these women to face a dilemma in choosing the right bag since most trendy bags are not as utilitarian as you’d want them to be and most functional tote bags lack a sense of style. However, Swiza is here with the perfect solution to your tote woes. The Iris laptop tote is the best choice if you wish to stay trendy and yet have a functional bag for your daily work needs.

    The Iris laptop tote bag has been created keeping all the working women in mind; making sure that the functionality isn’t compromised for the sake of appearance. The bag comes in different colours that complement different attire sets and provide the bearer with a great many ways to flaunt them.

    The make
    Iris comes with three spacious chambers which enables you to keep various items in the bag without having to worry about them getting entangled or destroyed. With enough room to slide in your laptop an also keep other items of importance, the tote keeps your belongings tidy and organized. Fitted with premium quality zips and chains, the tote will last for years to come. Made with the charcoal 600D polyester blend, the Iris laptop tote promises you high durability and great resistance to wear and tear. The compartments are also layered with 150D tear-resistant fabric with Swiza pattern to give it the authenticity it deserves.

    Added features
    The Iris tote bag comes with a smart pocket to keep smaller personal belongings safely and within your reach. The bag also features 2 front pockets apart from the ones inside the bag. For ease of use and maintenance, the tote has a dirt and water repellent lining.

    The handles
    Iris comes with tone-to-tone straps made of the same material as the bag to provide a uniform appearance. The straps also have detachable padded shoulder pads to make handling your bag painless and hassle-free.


    Swiza assures you the best quality bag that you are sure to swear by once you use it. Combining the best of technology, materials and styling, Swiza has crafted this incredible laptop tote to keep you ahead of the fashion crowd. So take one and let the world know the true meaning of power-dressing.

    Stella Watches, fresh pick for the ladies

    Stella Watches, fresh pick for the ladies

    A look isn’t complete without a watch! Whether you’re heading to a brunch or a business meeting. Watches lend an air of sophistication that no other accessory does. Bold, simple, sophisticated, sporty, you name a look and we have a watch to go with it. Swiza’s newest ‘Stella’ collection is all things that reflect your personality. Swiza brings you a range of ladies’ wrist watches that are trendy, classy and absolutely gorgeous and take your overall appearance to a whole new level.
    The Stella watches are designed for women who are always on the go. Be it for work meetings or a hectic tour; time management is extremely essential and we strive to do our best to bring you classy pieces that don’t just tell time but add panache to your overall appearance.
    Stella range of watches has a generous helping of new designs and the perfect blend of contemporary and trendy styles that seamlessly transition from a work day to a casual look. The Stella watches are absolute collectables that can be worn over and over again. A priceless heirloom that looks great on women of all ages. Be it a young college-goer or a full-time working professional, Stella is for everyone who believes in sporting trendy yet functional wrist watches.
    The Stella watches are designed for women who are always on the go. Be it for work meetings or a hectic tour; time management is extremely essential and we strive to do our best to bring you classy pieces that don’t just tell time but add panache to your overall appearance.
    The Swiss construction in the watches is absolutely unmissable. The clean minimalist look with a visible dial, hands and clearly marked time indicators lend that touch of bold elegance but also practicality. Each watch from a collection is distinctly different; a chunky steel strap or a soft leather band; these tough watches are made for everyday use. These are high-quality, utilitarian wrist watches that are an absolute steal!
    This fresh new collection is perfectly suited for you, no matter what your age. Swiza’s Stella watches are sure to become the secret of your charm!