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    15% off on Bags and Backpacks

    A backpack offer you can't refuse - Bag with Style

    Swiza represents Swiss perfection unlike any other and with our beautiful range of products, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. You can get some awesome offers on bags now on Swiza, with a select range of backpacks now selling at 15% OFF. These bags are specifically curated, with an eye on comfort and durability. Every time you head out, you can use our laptop bags and carry all your essentials in one place.

    Our backpacks offers are curated to help you access a fine range of bags for any occasion. They’re lightweight, ergonomic and ideal for the outdoors. For those who jump from airport to airport can also equip themselves with the bags online to allow them to travel comfortably.  If you’re someone who travels light, then our offers on backpacks are just what you’ll require.

    Rs. 3,900 Rs. 1,199
    Rs. 4,850 Rs. 2,084
    Rs. 6,200 Rs. 2,449
    Rs. 6,600 Rs. 2,049