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    Sports Bags

    Sports Bags Online - Explore the Outdoors

    When you’re into playing sports, you have baggage - quite literally! Carrying your equipments, footwear, clothes and the extra gear you require for your sport needs a sturdy Sports Bag that’s designed to hold it all together. And because you’d prefer more than just convenience in your Bags, Swiza has a selection of Sports Bags Online that add to your style as you travel for your sport.


    Being both robust and stylish, Sports kits by Swiza provide you with a comfort that will likely have you using your bag with ease within hours. For a person who simply can’t do with distractions while moving about for his or her sport, these Carry-on Bags are the answer. You get to choose from suitable Backpacks for women who require to travel far and wide for their games and Backpacks for Men who need the perfect carrier every weekend.

    Swiza Completes Your Look

    Being a sportsman or sportswoman gives you limited time to put your look together, be it for an event or occasions more regular. Swiza’s collection of Luggage bags and Trolley Bags go flawlessly well with your Sports bag, balancing comfort and fashion for the perfect finesse.

    CORDIS 60L, Duffle, black - Swiza
    Rs. 3,500
    Rs. 3,900 Rs. 3,315
    AMATA, LW Backpack, black - Swiza
    Rs. 2,550