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    SWIZA brand Strategy and Values.


    SWIZA is a casual lifestyle brand with authentic Swiss style for people on-the-go. Our mission is to provide easy solutions for the daily adventures of people of all ages in all places at a great value.

    We are in every family’s basecamp, not at the top of the mountain. SWIZA is the helpful companion on the daily journey from home to your destination. The journey to the school bus stop or the bike commute to work or the morning walk with the dog or the weekend yard project. These are the journeys of our customers from baby-boomers to millennials, from soccer moms to single moms, from active outside lovers to those with casual lifestyles.

    A helpful friend on your journey from home to destination:

    • Great Price Performance
    • Refreshing Swiss Spirit
    • Easy Going and Easy to Use
    • Connected Solutions
    • Reliable, Any Where, Any Time
    • Form & Function
    • Design 360°